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What Is The Tyre To Oil Plant Process?

Taking waste tyres and converting these to oil is an ideal method which you can use to treat the problems that are generated by excess waste tyres. Using the energy concerns that are abundant in just about every country on earth, it comes with an ever greater need to try to use this sort of waste product as an alternative source of energy. More information on tyre to oil plant here.

tyre to oil plant

Exactly What Are The Steps Inside The Waste Tyre To Oil Process?

The waste tyre to oil process is also referred to as a pyrolysis process. Which means that as a way to convert the waste tyres into usable oil, the tyres must decompose via high heat. However, before starting to use the processing plant, there are various steps you need to complete first.

One of the first things that you will need to accomplish is get rid of the steel wire from the tires before processing them.

The next matter that you will need to complete is be sure that the waste tyres size meets the conventional for that processing plant you happen to be using. For Instance, to get a continuous and semi-continuous waste tyre oil manufacturing plant, the size of the tyres should approximately 50mm. For the batch operating waste tyre oil manufacturing plant, the tire size should be under 1200mm. Click here to know more:

The Tire Recycling Process

After completing these steps, the specific operation to convert the waste tyres to oil begins. The waste tyres has to be placed in to the reactor.

As soon as the waste tyres have been in the reactor, the reactor ought to be heated through the use of fuel sources like:

- Wood

- Coal

- Charcoal

- Fuel gas

Once the temperature within the reactor reaches near 120 degrees, the oil gas will be created.

A number of the oil gas will likely go into the reactor's condensing system. It is actually there where gas will likely be transformed into liquid oil. The gas that is certainly left over, the gas that is not going to covert into liquid, will get back to the combustion system after it has gone through the purification system. You will get high quality fuel oil from waste tire pyrolysis plant.

This gas can be used as a kind of fuel material that can be used to enhance the temperature of your reactor. Because of this, the complete process helps save energy.

As soon as the oil production process has been completed, the reactor's temperature will probably be cooled back. As soon as the reactor is cooled, carbon black is going to be instantly produced.

Dedusting can be a process that can process smoke. This system makes sure that the smoke will not create any pollution inside the air.

When the process is completed, you are going to end up getting approximately:

- 45% oil fuel

- 35% carbon black

- 12% steel wire

- 8% combustible gas

They are all end products developed by the waste tyre to oil process plus they are not only beneficial energy sources, they also have other applications.


The oil fuel works extremely well as being a fuel material from the industrial sector. It may not only be employed for burning, it could also be used refined further to get diesel fuel. Why not visit the website:

Steel wire might be either recycled or resold within the steel industry to create new steel materials and merchandise.

A waste tyre to oil processing plant remains safe and secure and energy efficient. They assist to generate new products which you can use in numerous industries through an eco friendly process.