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Paper Pulp Molding Machines: Features, Prices And Manufacturers

Pulp molding can be a method that turns waste paper and cardboard into useful packing materials like egg trays, fruit trays, egg boxes (cartons), coffee cup trays, plus more. Just about the most common types of pulp molding devices are the pulp molding machine. With your a device, waste paper might be recycled into sturdy packaging for chicken eggs, and this packaging itself can also be recycled. Furthermore, this sort of machine produces no pollution, along with the raw materials are simply water and paper, therefore it is environmentally friendly. By switching the molds, other paper pulp-based items can even be created.

pulp molding machine

Stages Of Pulp Molding Process

There are four main stages in an egg tray production line: pulping, forming, drying, and packing. Through the first stage, pulping, water and paper waste are mixed together utilizing a hydraulic pulper. To be sure the right consistency of pulp is produced for the roll-out of high-quality end products, the proper ratio water to paper must be used. This ratio will differ based on the sturdiness requirements of the end products.

After the pulp has been given it can be moved to a pulp pool. Following that, a vacuum pump is commonly used to move it on the pulp forming machine. After the pulp is created, it is transferred onto mold transfers. The size and design of the mold transfers determines what kind of egg trays are produced as well as the scale of your production line. Click here to know more:

The time period of the drying process is dependent upon the system used along with the surrounding environment. Cheaper plants just depend on natural drying, which can be highly reliant on the weather. Other plants use brick drying systems or metal line drying systems. After the egg trays are dry, these are delivered to the packing area where machinery is used to bring along many units together for further efficient transportation to distribution centers.

Automatic Egg Tray Manufacturing Machines

The most advanced pulp molding machines are completely automatic. With such a machine, factory productively is improved tenfold, and the fee for labor is radically lower. Automatic machines only require around six workers to function at full efficiency, and so they can produce over 6000 trays an hour. It's important to think about the output rate when you compare different types. Remember that automatic machines need a much greater initial investment, so many mass production packaging plants opt for the more cost-effective semi-automatic egg tray manufacturing machine.


Pulp molding machines in the best manufacturers can be customized to meet the specifications from the buyer. Therefore, it's a great idea to understand specifically what your company's specifications are before starting obtaining quotes for different machines from different brands.

Price Discounts

Egg tray machines costs vary greatly dependant upon many factors including the dimensions of the machine, the operation mechanism in the machine (manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic), the machine's warranty, and the position of the supplier. Should you be looking for the best prices, be sure to have a look at international vendors like those operating out of Indonesia, India, South Africa, and China. Visit the site: